Dallas Career Institute

Our Mission

Our mission at Dallas Career Institute is to furnish an atmosphere conducive for equipping our students with the tools necessary to provide quality care to needy patients.

Dallas Career Institute

Is an a licensed private career school dedicated to providing the much needed quality training to the medical professionals in the allied health services. In our Nurse Aide program, students are prepared to equip themselves with the skill and knowledge needed to become certified Nursing assistant, the first true entry-level position into the nursing profession. Our graduated men and women are fully qualified and job-ready for employment in nursing and assisted living centers, hospitals and home health agencies. Also, our Medication Aide program prepares the students to function well whenever they are confronted with the complexities inherent in the accurate administration of medications.


Established in 2008, Dallas Career Institute is committed to providing the best training in all its approved health and allied courses through established teaching practice and dedicated skilled staff. Our goal is to meet the needs of the community as it relates to basic health care. Strategically located by the upscale area of north Dallas, our training facilities are spacious and conducive to learning and also very easily accessible by bus or train. And above all, our instructional equipment's are up to date and similar to the state of the art medical equipment's the students will encounter once they leave School for their rewarding career.

For more information please call the admissions office at 214-691-0555.