Medication Aide

Upon successful completion of the Medication program, the students becomes eligible to take the Texas Certified Medication exam and like the Nurses Aide Program, successful students are enlisted into the Texas State Registry.

The objective of this 140 contact hour course is to prepare Medication Aides for the administration of medicines under the department as outlined by the Department of Aging and Disability Services. The training covers the following topics:

  • Procedures for preparation and administration of medications.
  • Responsibility, control, accountability, storage and safeguarding of medication.
  • Use of reference material.
  • Documentation of medications in residents' clinical records.
  • Line of authority in the facility.
  • Responsibilities and liabilities associated with the administration and safeguarding of medication.
  • Allowable and prohibited practices of permit holders
  • Drug reactions and side effects of medications commonly administered to facility residents.
  • Rules and Regulations covering the Medication Aide Training Program.
  • Course Content: 100 hours Classroom, 30 hours Lab Activity, 10 hours Clinical.
  • The clinical training will be held at the student's place of employment and must be supervised by a qualified nurse or facility administrator.


The drug therapy team for comprehensive medication management plays a vital role in protecting the health and welfare of our citizens. It is therefor very imperative that Medication Aides, as participating members of the drug therapy team possess the skill and know how necessary to carry out their daily responsibilities. They help facilitate drug information, medication compliance and positive health outcomes. The medication aide program  a period of 8 weeks and the students are required to complete a minimum of 140 clock hours before graduation. This training prepares the students to work in hospitals and at any long term care facilities where they are  to administer medications to patients and residents. Students graduating in both Nurse Aide and Medication Aide programs are required by the state of Texas to be certified before seeking employment in any licensed health care facility. The certification process is such that the student upon graduating from Dallas Career Institute must pass both the skill and the written state examinations to be enlisted in the Texas State Nurse Aide and Medication Aide Registry.